Saturday, December 18, 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010

Norton the Owl

Original Character: Norton the Owl
Things to know about Norton:
-is quiet, shy, reserved
-stutters when especially nervous
-passive aggressive
-likes to wear goggles on forehead, over eyes when doing experiments
-beginning chemist (master of the theory, but poor in execution)
-extremely organized (labels everything on his chemistry shelf, but Lukas switches them around to be mean)
-easily flustered ("I don't understand! I ran the numbers so many times...where did my calculations go wrong? grumblegrumble I shoulda stuck to English...")
-reads a lotttt
-always has an abundance of useless "did you know...?" facts
-srs bsns owl, no time for fun and games (Greg Otter tries to get him to loosen up)
-doubts himself in social situations, slightly egotistical concerning academics