Tuesday, April 30, 2013

FYE Studio (Spring Semester)

Project 1 - Books on Books
Prompt: Focus on the design and production of a hand-made book which explores the enduring roles and essential attributes of the book and/or its container: the library. How are current changes transforming the role and design of the book and the library? What is the role of the book today? What will the future book be? 

Introductory Book Models; Material/Form Tests

interface sketches
Research Question
How will books and information become more accessible in the future by increasing the ability of the users to easily store and share information in an open-source environment?

Final Prototype + Interfaces


Project 2 - Design Systems
Prompt: Focus on systems (and their design) from a consideration of their larger operating logic and footprint, to the discrete interrelated building-block components that account for a direct "ground-level" engagement with people.  Map a umbrella system (transportation, information/display, social/community, ecological, or food) and design a product for and within this larger design system.

Systems Maps
social system intervention

initial sketches

Study Models

Final Models + SketchUp Models


Project 3 - Time-Based Digital Video
Prompt: Create a digital video with content informed by previous work this semester. 

Film Treatment